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Today I want to talk about something most girls and women struggle with at least once in their lifetime. And that is hair growth. Have you ever gone to the hair salon to have your hair coloured or just your roots touched up and you can see the new hair growth, but for some reason with that hair growth, the length of your hair remains the same. So why is your hair obviously growing but just never reaches the length you want it to be? There are a few reasons that could possibly be causing that and I will explain a few points and I hope that it helps you and maybe you can finally get your hair to grow!

You’re cutting it.

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Yes, that may seem a little obvious but if you are cutting your hair every 6 weeks you are literally cutting the ‘new growth’ off, depending on how fast your hair grows. But I would say if you are trying to grow your hair don’t cut it. That’s what I tell all my clients who want to grow their hair, I tell them “I don’t want to see you here unless it’s for something other than a cut” because that’s the only way. Sure, hair growth pills can help the process so I definitely recommend using it but the best way is to stay away from your stylists’ scissors. Depending on how long your hair already is and how long you want it I would say only cut your hair every 3 to 4 months. If you have healthy hair and you don’t really do any chemical or damaging processes then cut it only 2 or 3 times a year. That may seem way too little, and I’m sure many other hairstylists may disagree with me but this is MY method and it works for me and for my clients so I swear by this. Don’t cut your hair, and it will grow. The rate or speed of hair growth is about 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches per month, or about 15 centimeters or 6 inches per year. If you have ‘shortish’ hair and you want to grow it really long, it could take up to 3 years depending on your growth speed but it’s possible if you persevere, take care of your hair and don’t cut it too often. The results will be well worth the wait.

You’re not cutting it.

This only applies to bleached hair, chemically damaged hair and people with very porous hair. The easiest way to know if you fall into this category is like this, when you blow dry your hair with a round brush do you find that when you are done you are covered in teeny tiny little bits of hair? If you answered yes, then this applies to you. Your hair isn’t growing because it’s breaking off slowly in little bits and pieces. So let me tell you a little secret that may or may not come as a shocker, as most ads on TV manipulate the truth and so does many hairdressers for the sake of making money, NOTHING and I mean absolutely NOTHING can heal or repair a split end. There is no miracle oil, there is no miracle shampoo or treatment, if you have split ends, and if you answered yes then you have many split ends, the only miracle is a stylists’ scissors. You HAVE to cut a split end off. There is no option. Your only solution is to cut it. Look at it this way, if you take a ribbon and slightly cut it in half only the tip and slowly pull the two sides apart, that small cut will rip down further and further and eventually the tear becomes bigger, a split end works the same way. If you have a split end that lets say is about 2mm deep and you leave it after a while that split end tears further and the split becomes larger so if you had cut it soon enough you would have only had to remove about a cm off your length but now you left it and your ends are so split that it’s starting to break off and now you have to cut off 3cm or more depending on your situation. So tend your tresses. Keep your ends sealed, keep your hair healthy and it will grow.

You’re shedding.

Everyone sheds hair and it’s a natural thing, most people shed about 100 hairs a day, the old hair falls out to make place for the new hair and this is replaced rather quickly but when the hair growth is slower than the hair loss this is when your hair becomes visibly thinner and may not grow as fast as usual. If you are struggling with hair fallout and hair thinning there are solutions and in most cases not all hope is lost. Speak to your stylist about Nioxin.

You’re stressing too much.

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A lot of people have stress for different reasons, but when stress becomes a serious matter it can have an impact on your health and your hair, emotional and physical stress can directly be linked to hair problems, traumatic experiences and illnesses have an impact too. I had a client once that told me after the unexpected death of a loved one and the trauma caused she lost almost all her hair, these things happen so we need to take a step back, breathe and take care of ourselves and our minds. Start making a habit of treating yourself even if it’s once a week where you unwind and take the time to relax and recap on yourself. Head massages and body massages are a great way to de-stress and take some tension off. Head massages also increase blood flow which helps hair growth. I personally find a bath the most relaxing thing on earth, I like to fill the bath up with lots of water, dim the lights and light some candles, sometimes I will put on some music other times I prefer some silence and then I just soak in the bath for an hour, I do this literally every single week if not every night. I’m so use to it that if I don’t do it I can feel the tension. I relax by sleeping in the bath so find that something that relaxes your mind and body and stick to it.

You’re heat styling too much.

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High temperatures damage the cuticle of the hair, which decreases growth. If you are using heat styling tools everyday you have to be using professional products, moisturizing shampoos and masks to maintain elasticity and heat protecting sprays or lotions to protect your hair from the heat of your styling tool. Another tip would be to use quality heat tools, as they are manufactured in better quality and thus causes less damage. But keep in mind too much heat without any protection is damaging regardless of what quality the products are.

You’re not eating right.

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Well what do you know most of us don’t, and let’s be honest eating healthy won’t just improve your hair it will improve your overall health and your weight and who doesn’t want a nice figure? So your hair will improve and grow healthy but your weight will improve too. This is where hair supplements come to play too, it’s important to have proper levels of Ferritin, Zinc, and Vitamin B12 to maintain hair length and health, iron and protein keeps hair strong and prevents brittleness and breakage and supplements such as Biotin pills can help healthy hair growth. My favorite hair supplements are Prosana and Hairburst.

So these are all things you can do or avoid to improve your hair growth. But as I said and in short, take care of your hair, use good products, cut on heat styling and don’t cut your hair too much and it will grow. Drink hair supplements, and find other creative ways to wear your hair, braids are trending so braid your hair, wear top knot buns and high ponytails and leave the straightening or curling irons for special occasions. Goals my friends, goals, set your goals focus on them and the end result and before you know it your hair is long.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. Thanks for reading and let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section.


Thank you to my beautiful model and client of 6 years Schane Fourie! It was a pleasure to have you model for this blog, and thank you for your unending support as a client and for always trusting me with your hair.


Model – Schane Fourie

Hair and Make-up by Jadie

Photography – Jadie

Nails – Charlene Biggs


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