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I have to admit this is my absolute favorite haircut for 2016! This was my top pick in 2015 back when it seemed to really take off, but it definitely hasn’t gone anywhere this year. I’m pretty sure most of you have already figured it’s a ‘long bob’, but the Lob is commonly described as a Collar bone length cut, with texture all throughout the cut.

The good news is almost anyone can wear this cut, because it is not a solid bob, your facial feature does not really come in play here, this cut has more to do with the texture of your hair. In my research I have found that the only time this style is not recommended is if the client has SUPER crazy thin or thick hair. But not just your average thick or think hair, we are talking extreme. Which makes sense because as a hairstylist I can see why, with really really thick hair, the hair will have to be thinned out to the point where the client may not be able to style the hair accordingly herself. With really really fine thin hair, the Lob may look like very thin long strands hanging, where as the Bob will be more flattering as it will give the illusion of thicker fuller hair.

When it come to this haircut, loose textured waves look best, before going ahead with this cut, make sure you have the appropriate styling tools, a curling wand will work, make sure it’s a larger barrel as you don’t want actual curls, just loose tousled waves, the new GHD curling wand works perfectly.

As for styling products, you will need to ensure that you have something like a texture root spray, or a mousse, this will help give that textured look when styling with your styling wand. And you will need a texturising wax or pomade for afterwards.

To maintain this haircut you will need to get regular trims, depending on how fast your hair grows, every 6 to 8 weeks should do it. If you are not looking to keep the hairstyle you can skip your regular trims and grow it out.

I personally prefer the Lob with a long side swept fringe, but this is a personal choice, consult with your stylist as he/she will know best, this style is very flattering with or without a fringe so it really is up to you.

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