Fashion Colours vs Health of Hair

Jadie Professionals

31 May 2018

*photo far left : first time we coloured on a blonde base
*photo in the middle : faded colour after 4 weeks
*photo far right : second colour round today. 

Before considering a fashion colour (red,purple,blue,pink etc) you will have to decide if you are willing to go through the “hassle” shall we say.

Fashion colours are HIGH maintenance. If your hair is relatively unhealthy and damaged this will add to the high maintenance and longevity of the colour. Colours like this will wash out very quickly.

You will have to wash your hair less and use professional colour save shampoo like the Wella Brilliance range – amazing shampoo!

But you will also have to colour every 4 weeks if you want to maintain the colour and depth. In time if you stick to a colour it will last longer as the pigment in the hair builds up.

But unfortunately colouring in the lines of these type of colours you need to know and accept that they are a lot of maintenance before proceeding.

If your hair is dark you will have to pre-lighten the base to achieve the brightness of these types of colour. Which will make the hair more porous.

Oxidative colours (like this one) don’t last as long as direct dyes – but direct dyes are harder to remove once you’ve grown tired of them. That’s why we’ve chosen to use an oxidative colour in this case.

Other than that – these are some of the coolest and most fun colours to wear! And in my opinion worth the hassle. Even if it’s just for a while 😍

Jadie Herbst
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