Let's talk about Wellaplex

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31 May 2018

#YesToWellaplexSA #WhyWella
This transformation took 6 and a half hours. And I used Wellaplex in every step. And the results speak for themselves…

Let’s talk about Wellaplex….

Wellaplex is created by Wella FOR Wella. This is also a bond builder but preserves the PH level of Wella colour. Wella is a PH 9-10 which is necessary to open the hair cuticles and Wellaplex does not affect this process and enhances the bonds in the hair.

Wellaplex is just extra insurance and extra health added onto your colour service and in my opinion worth the extra small cost to your service to ensure optimal results.

So ask for #Wellaplex in your next colour service!
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Jadie Herbst
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