Your wedding day is one of the biggest if not biggest days of your life. Preparing for it, as any bride would know, is very important. Most brides have their hair done professionally on the day of their wedding, but today I want to discuss some pointers you can try leading up to your wedding day to have the hair you’ve always dreamed of. In my experience, ironically enough a lot of brides wait until it’s almost their wedding day and then want to know what they can do to improve their hair. The day you get engaged is the day you should start investing extra time and money into your hair.

Here is my list of important things to remember to get your hair in top condition for your big day

1. Buy Professional Shampoo

“All wine is made from grapes, yet some bottles are worth hundreds more. A professional wine steward will be able to tell subtle differences in many aspects of any bottle of wine when compared to another.” Professional hairstylists feel the same way about shampoo. The ingredients in professional shampoo tend to be more gentle with less fillers, sulfates, and build-up. Also, salon shampoo is more concentrated so you use less, therefore it lasts longer. While you’ll often find the same ingredients in salon shampoos and store shampoos you won’t find that the concentrations of these ingredients are the same. Store bought shampoos have more water, sulfates, and fillers with less vitamins, oils, and minerals that are designed to keep your hair healthy. Cheap shampoo can strip your colour too, so it’s worth the price to use salon quality shampoo.

2. Go for in-salon treatments once a month

In salon treatments are such a great way to boost the health of your hair fast. You can target specific needs, a good stylist will be able to analyse whether your hair needs more protein or moisture. Maybe your hair needs both, salon quality treatments also last in your hair for a few washes. These treatments aren’t just hair masks – they are formulated for deep penetration and will target your weak spots head on. Your hair will be stronger and shinier!

3. Use a good hair oil DAILY

A professional hair oil is VERY beneficial to healthy shiny hair! Professional hair oils will not make your hair oily if used correctly, they contain ingredients that will feed and nourish your hair, instead of forming an oily silicone layer around the hair as some cheap oils may do. They contain protein and moisture which is vital for strong healthy hair!

4. Keeping Your Ends Trimmed

If you are growing your hair then you definitely should not cut too often, but keep in mind if your ends are very dry or damaged it won’t grow. If your hair is healthy to begin with you can get away with less trims.

5. Hair treatments for home use

It’s very important to regularly nourish your hair with great treatments, Salon quality treatments really are the best out there. Ask your local salon on what treatments they stock as well as different pricing, you’re only getting married once. Invest in your hair. It is the crown you NEVER take off. I personally think every bride should be using Olaplex!

6. Hair Vitamins

Hair vitamins really can make a difference to the health of your hair. Your local supermarket will have a wide variety. Drink them religiously and they will benefit your nails too.

7. Coconut Oil Treatments

Coconut oil is a very inexpensive way to nourish your hair! It holds many benefits, it benefits hair growth, it promotes scalp health, it adds shine to your hair, and it can help prevent split ends. it can help soothe your scalp after an on scalp bleach application too! Be sure to buy pure organic 100% Virgin coconut oil.

8. Colouring

Prepare for your hair colour well in advance. Don’t make any drastic hair colour decisions 3 to 6 months before your wedding day! Colour your hair with a good quality professional hair colour! Decide what colour you want to be on your wedding day and start that colour journey months ahead, so that everyone can get to know you with this new colour.

9. Choosing a stylist

If you decide to use a stylist that you don’t know to do your wedding hair, book a consultation with them well in advance to have a chat and to get a feel for the person, merely looking at someone’s work online is not enough to just book them for your big day. Meet with them, discuss your ideas and see how it goes. If you get along well then schedule a trial, there is nothing worse than a hair disaster on your big day!

10. Consider extensions

Most of these amazing wedding hairdo’s we see on Pinterest have used extra hair pieces and there’s nothing wrong with that. Whether you are taking your hair up or down, really consider using extra hair for volume and/or length, It will boost the style you have chosen for your big day and it will make your hair look extra great on camera!

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