Hey Everyone!

I absolutely love this treatment, it’s very simple and easy but so effective! This can be performed on chemically treated hair and virgin hair. It helps sustain the structure of the hair and leaves the hair feeling soft and manageable.

The treatment is very simple, here’s how:

  • Mix 15ml Olaplex No.1 with 90 ml water, do not put it in a spray application bottle. I apply it out of a colour mixing bowl at the shampoo bowl. And saturate the hair real good! I leave it on the hair for 10 to 15 min.
  •  Apply Olaplex No.2 ON TOP, do not rinse off the number one. Leave it on for 20 min.
  • Rinse followed by shampoo and conditioner. I normally top this off with a good in salon treatment, the mask will differ with every client as the needs of every clients hair is different.

This product is applied to DRY hair, I have done this treatment on both dry and wet hair, it’s better on dry hair as you can see when all the hair is saturated. It makes a difference so do it on dry hair only. If the clients hair is very dirty or maybe has a lot of product build up, I will wash the hair and then still dry it.

You could change the mixing ratio for clients with short or very long hair:

Short – 7.5ml nr1 + 45ml water.

Long – 30ml nr1 + 180ml water.

I use this treatment before a big colour transformation to equalize the porosity of the hair and to assist with the bleaching process, or as a treatment on its own to simply make the hair feel amazing.

edit 3

In both pictures her hair is NOT blow dried. We only air dried after the Olaplex stand alone treatment. We did not use any other products. Her hair was unbelievably soft and shiny, and she could feel a big difference.

After this treatment we took her blonde!! 🙂 There will be a post up about it soon!


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