Inoar is a name that hasn’t always been around, but recently they have become more known and clients are asking for it by name. Some of you may have heard about Thermoliss, many of my clients already use it. Thermoliss has won a Glamour award for best heat protection product in SA! Inoar has become a well known brand in the hair industry and they never cease to deliver, I have been impressed by all their products. My ultimate favorite though, is Thermoliss.

Thermoliss is a cream form product with a pleasant smell, it is easy to apply and distributes through the hair nicely. The product is very rich and filled with all the good stuff so a little goes a long way! Thermoliss is a heat activated treatment, this means when your hair becomes hot from your heat styling tool, the product actually starts acting as a treatment. Thermoliss is a 100% heat protector, so your hair is covered against any and all heat. It also contains argan oil which gives it unbelieveble shine and it’s sulfate free!! Thermoliss is a boss against frizz!! This is perfect for thick, unruly and frizzy hair. It eliminates frizz and in my opinion shortens the time it takes to blow dry your hair. Thermoliss really makes it easier and quicker to achieve a great blow out. If you have a more finer textured hair, rest assured it will not weigh your hair down or make it oily.

It retails for R390 and is available only at professional hair salons. Unfortunately great quality products will not be found in a normal store. So hop on over to your nearest salon and ask for Thermoliss!

Spot the Green Tube Thermoliss ! I used it to style this bride’s wedding updo!


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