Hey Everyone!

I love everything Lob, but the most fun part is definitely the styling! It takes some practice, and good products but the end result is pretty cool! Here’s a quick how to on styling a Lob !


1. I like to blow dry the hair first, this just helps provide a smoother base for me to curl on.


2. I start curling in the back, I curl using the Cloud 9 wand. I wouldn’t suggest curling with a GHD for this look, use a wand or curling iron instead. Curl all the curls in the back section (only) in the same direction.


3. After curling all the back section pieces, curl the sides away from the face. Your sections don’t have to be too small, we’re going for an undone look anyway.


4. For this part you will need a brush or wide tooth comb. I prefer the Rodger Para brush for this step. Brush all the curls from the top downward. You don’t have to section off the hair, just comb it through thoroughly. It should look something like this.


5. This is probably the part where it can go a bit south, but don’t stress, practice makes perfect. Take your flatiron and start flat ironing the ends ONLY. Quickly pull the flat iron through the ends of the hair, once or twice and very lightly. Brush the hair again and pull at your ends.


6. Pick up vertical pieces of hair, you can take thick pieces and tap your flat iron in a fast open and shut motion from the top to the bottom. You only want to distribute some heat to loosen the curls, not remove them completely. When you are done the hair should look something like this.

Once all the steps are completed, take a wax or texturising pomade and run it through your hair. This look needs a more waxy styling product to finish the look. The products make a big difference so try investing in some salon quality styling aids.

Products Used:


Root Shoot is sprayed directly onto the root. Most amazing volumising mousse I have ever used! It just blow dries lovely!


Rugged Texture is what I use to give it a texturised look. I distribute a little bit evenly in my hands, warm the product by rubbing quickly and start pulling on the hair, running my hands through from mid shaft to root.


Glam Mist is just a lovely shine mist, it gives incredible shine. I just spray a little right at the end for a healthy glow.


Perfect Me protects against heat and helps for a smooth blow dry, I apply a small amount throughout the hair and come through before blow drying.


EIMI from Wella is a really Impressive line. This is not the whole collection, only the products I used to style this specific look. I highly recommend these products!

Thank you for reading!


Thank you to Imke Bann – my lovely client. Hair coloured by yours truly xx

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