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If you desire strong, healthy hair, then keep reading.

As with anything in life, if you want something worth having, you have got to work for it. Like beautiful hair, wishing for it won’t make it happen. But here are some things that can make it happen. If you apply them and start treating your hair like gold, it will look like gold. I think most of us know by now that harsh shampoos, pollution, smoke, bleach and heat can damage our hair. Having a poor diet directly affects your hair and skin. With minimun time and effort, small changes in your hair routine can greatly impact the health of your hair – something as simple as eating better, choosing the right shampoos.

Let’s find out if your hair needs some TLC :

Take a look at some of these common hair problems, if you suffer from 2 or more than we can do a strand test.
1. Split ends
2. Your ends are lighter than the rest of your hair
3. Your hair feels dry and looks dull
4. You have a flaky scalp
5. Your hair is often static
6. It dries faster than usually

If you have more than two of these symptoms, do a strand test :

Test 1 : Take a strand of hair and drop it into a bowl of warm water. Push the strand lightly with your finger so that the water just covers it. If your hair floats, it is in a good condition. If the hair strand sinks, the strand is weak and porous. Which basically means your hair needs help.

Test 2 : Pull an individual strand of hair tight until it snaps, if it streches a bit before snapping your hair is healthy. If it snaps right away it means your hair has lost natural elasticity.

Healthy hair tips :

1. Don’t over wash your hair, your scalp produces natural oils that is vital to your hair and scalp. If you wash too much you will dehydrate your hair, and increase oil production.
2. Hair consits of keratin, and intense heat softens the keratin. Even using hot tools at a minimum, your hair dryer damages too. Try letting your hair air dry naturally a few tmes a month. When drying your hair with a hairdryer, when it is about 80% dry, turn it to cold and blast your hair with some cold air, the cold air will cause the strands to contract and the cuticle to lie flat, so it will reflect light leaving hair shiny and beautiful.
3. Use leave-in conditioners over night for extra moisture and care.
4. Always use heat-protection spray to reduce damage to the hair cuticle.
5. Don’t brush your hair too often, brushing can break or move the hair scales.
6. Make sure your hairstylist doesn’t overlap your hair when bleaching, because the top layer of the cutcle gets stripped away during this process, when strands are repeatedly bleached, the cuticlegets stripped away completely. Always just have your roots touched up.

Look out for part 2 🙂


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