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Today I want to share a massive transformation I did using Olaplex. It took me 3 days, but it was done! My sister was kind enough to be my test subject! We took her from dark hair to blonde, instead of doing a full head of highlights we went big and made her a full on blonde.

Because I wanted Michelle to be blonde all over there was no need for weaving but I did use foils to prevent the bleach from drying out to soon. Initially we wanted to push the envelope to see just how light we can get her, she was embarking on a new chapter in her life and wanted a drastic change. Everything didn’t go according to plan so we had to change our plans, nonetheless the results speak for themselves. And once again I will be going on and on about how fantastic Olaplex is. Because this transformation would not have been able without Olaplex.


Michelle step 1

BEFORE : She’s a natural level 5, had salon colour on, had a regrowth and some colour build up on her ends. She hadn’t coloured it in over a year.

My first step was an Olaplex stand alone treatment. When doing a massive colour transformation it’s important to ensure the hair is strong enough. I must mention we did do a strand test first to see how her hair lifts. We did the Olaplex stand alone treatment to prep the hair, this step makes a very big difference and I highly recommend it.

edit 3

PRE-TREATMENT: We only air dried her hair after the treatment. Her hair was very soft and shiny and felt strong and intact!

bleach application

I started taking fine sections and bleaching in a foil, I did not take the bleach all the way up to the root/scalp.

michelle foils

By the time I was finished all her hair was covered in foil. I used 40 Vol but it had the lifting power of a 30 Vol because I used Olaplex. I never once applied any bleach to her hair without Olaplex. I regularly checked my foils as I was bleaching. Remember to never just open the foil half way, open up the foil completely and touch the hair, touch the ends and make sure the hair is still intact and not disintegrating. Prevention is better than cure.

When her hair had reached a certain point I started bleaching her roots. I pulled the foils down, but not out completely. Just far enough to expose all the pieces that haven’t been bleached yet. This part needs to be done quickly, after all the roots were covered in bleach I had her process some more, REGULARLY checking all her foils.

After a few hours we rinsed, her hair was not close to ready. It was the greatest shade of yellow I have ever seen in my entire life  The bleach was drying out and it was late, both of us were exhausted so we decided to call it a night. She’s my sister, she lives with me so we both agreed it be best if we continued the next day. It was already past midnight.

Yellow Phase

I won’t lie I have never seen my sister with hair so yellow, I literally was cracking up! I found it very funny. She told me that she’s very tired and she doesn’t mind going to bed with yellow hair. When I rinsed her I applied Olaplex nr 2, a very generous amount. Left it on for about 20 min, rinsed and shampoo’d her hair. I put the SP Luxe Oil Mask on her hair and let that sit for about 5 min and rinsed. I dried her to see how her hair lifted, and so that it was ready to continue the next day, but when she saw how yellow it was she looked like she had seen a ghost. Of course, I cracked up again. I started calling her Tweety and could not stop complementing her prettiest shade of yellow.

Round 1

And this was the end of day 1


The sun came up on day two and my sister was still shining bright like a yellow diamond  I repeated the process from day 1, but I lowered my developer to 30 Vol, using Olaplex so I had a 20 Vol lift. Her hair reached a pale yellow stage, some parts were stubborn, I could clearly see where more colour build up was. I had limited time on this day as my sister had a 21st that evening, The platinum look wasn’t going as I had hoped so I had to change my game plan. I also wasn’t prepared to push my sisters hair overboard trying to get it platinum, risking serious damage. I rinsed her foils again, and then dried her hair, and added my toner to her dry hair. I used Wella Koleston 12/96 and had it process for 30 min with 20 Vol and Olaplex. After toning I applied Olaplex nr 2 and had it process for 30 min. I rinsed and I was happier with the result but decided to colour her roots darker as the blonde wasn’t lifted even all over I decided the roots in a darker shade will bring the look together a bit better after colouring her roots I used nr 3 and processed for 20 min.

Day 2

I changed my mind again and decided that the next day I would re-bleach her roots but with foils and weaving very finely and close together. I also wanted to tone her hair again. But for now this had to do as she had a function to attend so I had to ensure she looked presentable.

michelle 21st

Off to the 21st she went … feeling very confident with her new locks 🙂


Can I just say… by this stage I was so ‘gatvol’ honestly, I had spent hours on her hair for 3 days straight. It was exhausting, I don’t think I had ever felt so drained in my life with a colour session. Not going to bed once before 12, standing on my feet all day, working in fine sections, checking her hair every 10 min. It was HARD AF, but when I want something I can be very, very persistent … so giving up was never an option.

On day 3 I did foils back to back, weaving very finely, very close together, very on top of each other, 30 Vol using Olaplex so I had a 20 Vol lift. Her hair lifted quickly, which I suspected would happen. So I had to work quickly. I toned her hair again but this time I used 12/81 from Wella Koleston. I applied to dry hair and processed for 30 min. And voila …

olaplex (2)


The toner in her hair would fade after a few washes, so we have to tone her to keep her blonde looking bright. Some parts are still a bit resistant where colour build up was more intense, and with time I will be lifting it so that she won’t need a toner to keep her hair from looking yellowish. We trimmed her ends and she uses Olaplex nr 3 religiously. I also do the Olaplex stand alone treatment on her every now and then. It was a process, it was tough but worth it! She looks stunning as a blonde and her new chapter has started!

She started a new journey as an aspiring model, and this was her first ever photo shoot. I am so proud of her! 

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed and feel free to leave comments down below 🙂


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