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All this talk about Olaplex, but what is this product? What exactly does it do? I decided to do a blog post about Olaplex mainly to explain what this product is and how it works exactly.

Many of my clients have inquired about Olaplex and most consumers don’t completely understand what this product is and how it works. I have heard a few ‘stories’ of how Olaplex ‘damaged’ peoples hair. I think the biggest problem lies within the education of this product, people aren’t properly educated. I want to start off by saying that this product is every bit amazing as it claims to be. This product works very well and can deliver mind blowing results BUT this product MUST be used correctly. I cannot even begin to explain how important it is. If Olaplex is not mixed correctly (in amount) with the bleach or colour it will NOT serve it’s purpose correctly.

Let’s start with the basics:


Olaplex is a revolutionary break through in the hair industry in my opinion, it is a bond multiplier and it links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before. Olaplex is NOT a colour or a bleach. It is a liquid that is added into the bleach or colour mixture.


It repairs already damaged hair and prevents future damage on chemical services. Our hair contains disulphide bonds and keeping these bonds strong is very important in order to have strong and healthy hair. Chemical and heat services cause these bonds to break which leads to your hair feeling damaged. Olaplex reverses this process and restores the bonds, quickly and effectively. Olaplex is free of silicone, sulphates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten, and it is never tested on animals. I like to say to my clients it’s like little solders placed into the bleach that fights to protect and repair the hair.

From the Olaplex website:

“Olaplex is a 3 step in-salon treatment that repairs your hair bonds, which break down when you have any chemical or heat treatment done to your hair. When these bonds break down, they usually lead to damage and breakage. Olaplex will restore, maintain and protect the integrity of the hair within its 3 stage treatment. Olaplex No. 1, the Bond Multiplier, is added to the chemical mix by your stylist before processing. It penetrates the hairs and rebuilds bonds as they are broken in the process. Olaplex No. 2, the Bond Perfector, is used after the process and it too crosslinks broken bonds leftover from the chemical service. And Olaplex No. 3, the Hair Perfector, is used at home by you to maintain the hair’s health in between salon visits.”


It’s called the Bond Multiplier and has the highest concentration, it is added to the chemical mix by your hairdresser before processing. It penetrates the hairs and rebuilds bonds as they are broken by the process. This is a salon only product and can not be purchased by consumers.


It’s called the Bond Perfector and is used by your hairdresser after the process and it too cross links broken bonds leftover from the chemical service.This is a crucial step and needs to be done correctly by your stylist. This too is a salon only product and can not be purchased by consumers.


It’s called the Hair Perfector and is used at home to maintain your hair’s health in between salon visits. It is NOT a moisturiser. It does not replace your conditioner. This product is revolutionary! Every single person especially blondes MUST use this product. The results are real, the results are incredible and this product is worth every penny! It retails between R405 to R420.

Let’s look at some statistics:


Olaplex is the ONLY product that has been PROVEN to be effective at reconnecting the broken bonds in hair caused by chemical and heat damage. Olaplex works from within and that is why it is so effective. A lot of other products only work on the outside and masks the damage, Olaplex literally repairs the damage. The effects of Olaplex are permanent, and this is what I love about this product, your hair will not go back to a damage state if you were to stop using the product. Olaplex is also the Most talked about professional hair product ever.

Another big benefit of using Olaplex is it helps balance out porosity in the hair which is vital in order for your hair colour to stick and stay vibrant and shiny. Olaplex causes colour pigments to be trapped inside the hair shaft more effectively, this improves the hair colour for longer periods of time and makes your hair easier and quicker to dry. Olaplex can be used with bleach, colour, relaxer, perm and toner – no matter the brand.

In part two I will talk about the mixing ratios of Olaplex and how to prevent damage on clients when doing big colour transformations.


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